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Where others see challenges, I see opportunity. 

My work speaks for itself



  • How can cryptocurrency and smart contracts democratize access to healthcare?
  • Amazon Echo and voice-based information retrieval
  • How can telemedicine optimize how efficiently we deliver health care services?

A sampling of past and current projects


I specialize in developing health and wellness apps (or "Skills") for Alexa, Amazon's voice-powered home assistant. The secret to a compelling Alexa Skill is one that accomplishes simple, focused tasks through clean dialogue with users. With devices like Amazon Echo and wide-range microphones capable of discerning speech through ambient noise, we've bypassed the second major hurdle in natural user interfaces. If you have an Amazon Echo, check out my apps, Yoga Trainer and Carly, a voice-activated health coach for Amazon Echo. 


To better understand how my patients conceptualize health and illness, I trained gensim’s word2vec implementation on 2 million disease-specific tweets. The beauty of this method is its capacity to uncover both obvious and less obvious semantic relationships among words. I challenge healthcare professionals to take this website for a spin and contrast their understanding of disease with their patients’ conceptualizations of illness. How the results should be interpreted isn't always obvious, but therein lies this method's novelty.

PulseBeat Inc

PulseBeat Inc

I co-founded PulseBeat, a tech-enabled home health service that enables families to care for their loved ones more effectively and efficiently. PulseBeat centralizes data from wearable consumer devices and sensors and distills health data into digestible, actionable information delivered in real-time to families of older adults with chronic conditions. PulseBeat helps families easily deliver home healthcare workers to their loved ones at the first signs of changing health. I wrote the PulseBeat iOS app, include code to integrate with Bluetooth-enabled hardware APIs. PulseBeat Inc is proud to be a Blueprint Health portfolio company and a partner of the Visiting Nurse Association of Orange County.


I wrote this Google Glass app in December 2013 / January 2014 for the San Francisco-based Glass startup Remedy ( This app helped the talented duo win pilots at Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania medical centers. Congratulations to two of the most gifted individuals I've ever met.

This app dynamically pushes videos/stills/voice-to-text data to a server and displays the data in a web browser. Its purpose is to demonstrate Google Glass' utility for remote consultations and first responder situations.

Source Code (Java, Python-Flask):


I co-developed a Google Glass application that automatically documents patient-physician encounters (text-based H&Ps, images, sound and video) by passively watching and listening to an interaction. The Android code is not in a public repository but I am happy to share the parts I wrote on request. We were awarded First Place for the Health IT track. 
Team: Vidreo
Team members: John Rodley, Omar Metwally, Konstantin Klitenik, Brenton Fargnoli, Ben Kraus, Steven Fitzmeyer, Jack Rowe, Andrew Sartori


Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common malignancy in the United States, leading to nearly 50,000 deaths each year. However, compliance with these screening guidelines remains suboptimal around 50%. This is the first study to use data from Twitter to quantitatively analyze how colorectal cancer screening is discussed in this online community using natural language processing. The goal is ultimately to use knowledge of public sentiment toward screening colonoscopy to improve adherence to colorectal cancer screening guidelines and positively influence screening behavior. This original research was presented at the American College of Gastroenterology in Honolulu on October 18th, 2015.

Source code will be posted after a follow-up paper is submitted for publication.


I wrote this pager-forwarding mobile/web application, which is used by house staff at St. Mary's Hospital. 


I built a HIPAA-compliant text messaging system that allows nursing staff, house staff, attending physicians and specialists to communicate easily among one another. Communication is centered around individual patient rooms, and messages can be sent online as well as via SMS. It also functions as an answering service for individual physicians and group practices. 


I wrote Insight on Glass, a geolocation-based Google Glass app that allows Google Glass wearers to detect other users within a certain geographic and look up their profiles by scanning QR-codes. Complete source code here.